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Adult General Education

The Adult General Education (AGE) program is comprised of a group of courses designed to aid students who are performing below the ninth-grade level. The courses include reading, mathematics, social studies, science, health, language arts, consumer education, English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), life-coping skills, and adult life stages. The curriculum is designed in a way to help the student obtain a level of education that supports his or her personal and career goals. (More Information)

English for Speakers of Other Languages

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) adult program is a Workforce Development initiative funded by the Florida State Department of Education. Our mission is to provide curriculum leadership and instructional support for the development of literacy in English and other languages in order to positively impact student achievement and promote lifelong learning. (More Information)

Medical Assisting

The primary mission of the Medical Assisting program is to provide quality training designed to meet the current and future needs of the Health Science community by: assisting and preparing students for success in a medical environment; promoting the formulation of positive, ethical; professional attitudes, generating a will to excel in mastery of administrative and clinical skills; and providing a fluid curriculum, designed to meet and exceed the changing needs of this exciting profession. The program consists of 1,300 hours of which 250 hours are clinical experience. Approximately 12-14 months are needed to complete the Medical Assisting program. (More Information)

Patient Care Technician

The primary mission of the Patient Care Assisting program is to provide quality educational training designed to meet the current and future needs of the Health Science community. Toward this end the following guidelines are established: assist students to choose, prepare for, enter, and be gainfully employed in the health science career field; offer a program which emphasizes sound fundamentals while responding to the needs of this particular industry; and provide courses to meet current and specific needs of the student and this industry. (More Information)

Practical Nursing

Our Practical Nursing program prepares the student with skills required for entry-level employment in health care. Students are encouraged to develop abilities, which will foster professional delivery of health care to hospitals, long-term/rehabilitation facilities, and community-based agencies. Clinical experience is provided at local hospitals and selected health-care facilities. The curriculum is designed to prepare the students to take the NCLEX-PN, or National Council Licensure Exam. This program is 1,350 hours in length and includes 680 hours of clinical experience. Approximately 14 months of full-time enrollment is necessary to complete the Practical Nursing program. (More Information)

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